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Make It Stand Out

As you might have guessed I tend to go through a lot of websites each day. Most of what I find I just post here, but every now and again I find something totally random to share with just one or two people. On occasion that random item is about halfway down a page and [...]

Who Doesn’t Love the MPAA?


Image from Pirated Movie.

The Motion Picture Association of America hit a bit of a snag this week. In their continued efforts to attack movie piracy and cut down on P2P (That’s Person to Person) sharing on college networks they developed a “University Toolkit” asking universities and colleges around the country to download the software they [...]

Every now and then criminals do things that just baffle me. Like posting details about their crimes on the internet.
Associated Press has an article today about Lt. Charles Cohen who goes around talking with police officers and detectives about the internet, specifically sites like MySpace, Facebook and Second Life.
Basically what Lt. Cohen is lecturing about [...]

Free Music… for some

By now you must be familiar with services like iTunes or one of its many competitors trying to suck you dry of your hard earned cash.
Well, now there is a new player in the game: Spiral Frog. Similar in some aspects to iTunes it allows you to download music and videos over the internet from [...]

Green Website

Ok, well that title just doesn’t seem right, especially when the website in question is Blackle.
Blackle is the first website designed keeping a green ideology in mind. Based on the Google model (and even using the Google search engine) but with slightly less functionality (no image search, maps, etc.) Blackle is a search engine with [...]

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