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Same Story, Different Details

This is kind of a sad one (2).
The remains of Hedviga Golik were found last month in her apartment in Croatia. According to reports she had made herself a cup of tea, sat down in her armchair to watch some tv, and must have passed away.
Having been born in 1924, there is nothign too surprising [...]

Torn – Another O’Reilly Cover-Up?

I am not a big Bill O’Reilly fan… Well, technically I guess that is not true. Every now and then when nothing else is on TV I like to flip to his show to get a good laugh about some ridiculous belief he has about how people in this country actually are or his take [...]

Bottled v. Tap Water

Okay, the other day I complained about the New York Times with their “Times Select” Feature that they slap onto popular articles so you actually have to pay to read them, well they did it again with another article I was planning on writing about here. Almost came to be that you wouldn’t be able [...]

Paris V. Moore

So, last night I was watching The Daily Show and Michael Moore was on to plug his movie Sicko about the health care industry. He was a little annoyed actually, not about being on The Daily Show, not about the flight that he took that almost didn’t make it in on time, but about the [...]

Hugging Ban

Though it looks like this day is going to be slightly busier then I expected there are a few things I can write about really quickly just to toss out there:
Kilmer Middle School, in Vienna, VA, has instituted a ban on all physical contact in school between students. A high-5 in the hallway between friends [...]

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