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Models & Drugs: A Perfect Combo

Clothing company Sisley has a new ad campaign out now called Fashion Junkie. We’ve all heard the term before (or some variation on it) and think nothing of it.
Well, Sisley actually did start to think about it and decided to run with it, producing a line of ads depicting addiction (at least to [...]

Good Head on Your Shoulders

Ever find a nice piece of design that you like and wonder where the ideas and everything came from? I did recently when I stumbled across HeadHoods (which even has a nicely designed website).
I decided that this time around I wasn’t going to just sit here and wonder but actually try and find some information [...]

Loving It

I am an occasional tie wearer. I have come to terms with this fact, but for a while it deeply disturbed me. I felt like ties were the evil manifestation of Corporate America. While I have out grown this belief (for the most part), I still like subversive ties. Little details like an all black [...]

Is $54 million really enough?

A Washington D.C. judge is suing his dry cleaner for $54 million over a pair of lost pants. He is claiming that the cleaners misled him with posetd signs that said “Same Day Service” and “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” and he is asking for $54 million and saying that “he is acting in the interest of [...]

Talking About Some Hot Stuff

So, while it may seem like I am shilling for a friend here, that is only partially true. I really like these T-shirts, I have most of the Beautiful/Decay Artist series shirts. Beautiful/Decay’s most recent line has shirts designed by Dust La Rock, Jesse LeDoux, Aaron Noble and, my favorite, Jan Kallwejt.
The shirts are available [...]

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