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We all know that Indiana Jones comes out in just two months (slightly over 57 days).
For those of you know who really need an Indy fix now though there is IndyGear. Indy Gear is the site for the true fan, where you can read up on Indiana Jones gear like his [...]

Apologies and Other Stuff

Since Josh has been on his diet, cutting out many things, including alcohol, he decided to indulge himself with a (1, singular) drink over the weekend and clearly this got him wasted to the point that he thought anything was funny. I apologize for the videos he posted. Moving right along….
Chris Grey is a [...]

One in a Zillion

A little while ago a ton of blogs were all a buzz about Zillion laces (I swear, I read about them on like 5 or 6 different sites) folks seemed to be pretty excited about them and it sparked my interest. I could see that they had a nice design and all, but I was [...]

Where did that come from?

“Kameraflage is display technology specifically designed for the camera-phone generation.”
Or at least that is what the website touts it as.
As we all know the human eye can only see a limited array of colors. We hit the UV or IR marks and we don’t see a thing. Digital Camera’s and displays on the other hand [...]

Maybe We’re Just Ahead of the Curve

I’ve written about how the NY Times has used material that we have written about (and gotten their facts wrong… Isn’t that what fact checkers are suppose to do? Check facts, make sure they arent wrong) and New York Magazine.
Today’s theft of materials comes to us from Thrillist:
Gear: Headhoods
$40-55 at
Sure these start with a [...]

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