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Tune in after the election for leadership

“It’s hard to draw conclusions about her management style, because she is, in fact, not the manager of her campaign.”
- Hillary Clinton senior adviser Harold Ickes
The New York Times does a great job with this morning’s article on the Clinton campaign’s utter lack of direction or leadership.
I’m really really really tired of the press [...]

Thank goodness for the intermediate step

A bit hokey in the execution, but funny reasoning.

Presidential candidates and their gun lust

In her column in today’s New York Times, 2/23/08, “A Bad Year to be a Mallard,” Gail Collins quotes several of the current and former candidates regarding their liking for hunting:
“I’m pretty sure there will be duck hunting in heaven, and I can’t wait.”
— Mike Huckabee
“I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.”
— Mitt [...]

Let Us Decide On Who You Vote For

At first I was totally outraged when I read about GlassBooth. That in itself isn’t much I realize, I get outrage over a bunch of things, some not even that significant and some, once I have had a bit of time to reflect and have actually looked at the site or read the article I [...]

Pop & Porn Princesses Pick Prez Potential

As it is an election year, most of us, I am sure, have been waiting to choose which presidential hopeful we will be supporting based on which celebrities have come out in support of them. Well, this just in:
New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer reports that both Christina Aguilera (that would be the Pop) and Jenna [...]

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