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Waffle Hunting

I was in Greensboro, North Carolina when I noticed the man wearing a Waffle House camouflage tee shirt.
I asked, ?Is that from the Waffle House that makes waffles? Or is this a new code word for AK47s.?
The Waffle man laughed, put his gun down, and said, ?yernot from roundhere, ryoo??

Rocky Gets Rocky

All the hundreds of fans who packed the Philadelphia streets Saturday for an open casting call for extras for the new Rocky movie needed was a picture, a resume and a simple message that would have made the fictional ex-champ proud: “Yo, pick me!” Fifteen years after starring in Rocky V, Sylvester Stallone is [...]

Body Farm

Good news! Now you can help advance the cause of medical science, even after you’re dead!:
A biological anthropology professor at the University of Northern Iowa, Tyler O’Brien, envisions turning some prime pasture in the Midwestern state into a body farm, where human bodies — buried, stuffed in car trunks or exposed to the elements [...]

Eating Lemons

Ever eat a lemon?
Picture a series of lemon-eating, funky-lip faces, a wonderful Andy Warhol montage. I would pay $400 Zlotys to see it at New York’s Whitney Museum. I would pay $280 Zlotys to see it at the San Antonio Museum for the Arts. In Burkina Faso you might have [...]

At The Motor Vehicle Division

Today I visited the Motor Vehicle Division to renew my driver’s license. I thought the photo came out a little better than most:

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