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I’m Popular and, Gosh Darnit, People Like Me!

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation you wish you had an out from? A bad date maybe? A business meeting you just couldn’t take anymore?* Or, Maybe you just feel like all of your friends are always getting so many phone calls and you never get any? Well, now you can change all [...]


According to Pocket-lint Motorola just inked a deal with Microvision to produce a prototype of a cell phone with a laser projection unit built in. Folks are saying that while this is an innovative concept it is going to add a significant bulk to cell phones as well as such an added drain to the [...]

Online Comparison Shopping… By Phone

It’s just a mobile phone day around these parts-
I am a comparative price shopper. I will spend a day pricing a single item at 3 or 4 different stores, return to the second store, you know, the one that had the cheaper price, and then decide to wait until I check how much the item [...]

Those Crazy Finns

Have you ever been pissed at your mobile phone?
I mean really pissed, to the point where you just want to take it throw it across a room.
Apparently the Finnish get that way some times, in fact it occurs so much that they started the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship. The competition has been going on [...]

Breaking News – Verizon Stores Will Be Open Today

As many people know today is D-Day* for the long awaited iPhone, the next generation iPod that is also a phone, is being released today at 6pm. While I am sure lines have been forming for the last few days for the new AT&T phone (because it is a sure sign a product will be [...]

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