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All it takes is a good day…

…to feel better about the direction of humanity.
Today we learn that:
The Irish are getting along
Cruelty against animals may no longer be chic in corporate America
New York has beaten back the Wal-Mart monolith
The White House is running scared from what appear to be its own lies

Bush/Yale bashing viral from Lakehead U

Interesting viral marketing attempt by Lakewood Lakehead University in Northern Ontario. It got picked up by the BBC, but its influence on the University’s reputation is questionable.

The text reads, “Graduating from an Ivy League university doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart. If you agree click here.”
Probably not the best positioning. Afterall, it’s not like just any [...]

Port Security

Bush no know about port sale.
Does it really matter whether this deal means Dubai will control security for our ports? If they control the ports, their personnel have access, and who is monitoring their hiring?
Does our security apparatus have the power to veto their hires if we believe unsavory elements attempt to infiltrate their presumably [...]

Bush At His Best

Always make fun of the powers that be. Enjoy!

Bush At His Best

Where Have You Gone, Intelligent Design?

So now that the courts have rules that a Pennsylvania school district cannot teach Intelligent Design (a lovely concept that says some “things” were created by a supernatural being), we can now ask the questions that need to be asked.
First of all, is it intelligent design that a sewage pipe runs through our [...]

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