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Bring It On

Our friend Kate Torgovnick, over at CrucialMinutiae has a book coming out next month.
Cheer!: Three Teams on a Quest for College Cheerleading’s Ultimate Prize comes out March 11th. And wait, it gets better, the book even has a trailer (posted below).
For some more of Kate’s writing you can check out Generation What?: Dispatches from the [...]


Some consider Charles Bukowski one of the greatest American authors of the the 20th century. In his 30 some odd years of writing he produced somewhere in the range of 100 books, including stories and poetry.
An article from LA Weekly discusses part of the legacy Bukowski left behind: Mostly his writing was about being [...]

Welcome to November

So, it is here, November is upon us. And while usually that means that fall is in full effect (just ignore the 60 degree temperatures outside), apparently it also means that it is National Novel Writing Month.
If you participate in NaNoWriMo (as those in the know call it), you are taking the month of November [...]

Read a Banned Book

Each year some Nazi-like parents in the middle of the country feel that some fantastic book is offensive and should be banned from libraries. Pretty much it depends on the community to decide whether to follow through on this parents request and ban the book or to allow freedom of speech to prevail and make [...]

Online narcissism

I know Matt is a big fan of GoodReads, but I have to say it’s pretty dorky to get these updates telling me about all the wonderful literary explorations of friends and colleagues.
It’s the same kind of dorkiness college Freshman demonstrate when they open their doors and blast the latest tunes to demonstrate their wonderful [...]

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