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It’s Not Like Gasoline Grows On Trees. Oh Wait…

If it hadn’t been published 6 days prior to the 1st I would assume this wasn’t for real, in fact it is so unbelievable I am just going to start off by quoting the first line: “Farmers in North Queensland are doing their bit to be environmentally friendly by investing in a tree that produces [...]

Super Soldiers – Day II

Even with all the Super Soldier postings listed yesterday there were still a few I didn’t get a chance to cover, so we are following up with a couple of more Super Soldier postings today, not to worry, thee will be other content as well.
We start the day with a tidbit from Aviation Week: We [...]

Mind Control

Apparently the pentagon is planning a new program to implant microchips into soldiers. They claim it is so that they can monitor their biological activities like brain waves, stress-levels, heart-rate, etc., but we all know it is so that they can take over their minds and turn them into brainless killing machines.
Fortunately for us, before [...]

3D Printed Bones

Remember those articles I posted months ago about 3D printers that were able to produce small plastic parts designed on your computer (this one and this one)?
Well color me impressed- researchers from the University of Tokyo Hospital have developed a method to make “tailor-made artificial bones for use in facial reconstructive surgery.” The method is [...]

Where Have You Gone, Intelligent Design?

So now that the courts have rules that a Pennsylvania school district cannot teach Intelligent Design (a lovely concept that says some “things” were created by a supernatural being), we can now ask the questions that need to be asked.
First of all, is it intelligent design that a sewage pipe runs through our [...]

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