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Apple Wants to Make Money

Maybe he thought he would be playing to the fans who like Apple because they think it is a socially conscious company. Maybe folks are just misinterpreting what he meant. Maybe he really did just mean it was Steve Jobs and not Apple as a whole, but when the head of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer [...]

Apple Evolution

Yes, I am a bit of a technology geek, so, bare with me here. There was a time when I was solely a PC person. I felt all the hype around Apple was just too much. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have anything against Apple, they seemed like a nice enough company and they [...]

iFight Breaks Out at Apple’s Fifth Ave Store!

AmericanMadness Exclusive!
A fight broke out today between two men at Apple’s 5th avenue store that left one man bloodied on the floor and resulted in the other being tossed into the street.
This exclusive is courtesy of crack American Madness stringer Matt Friedlander who was present at the scene where he too was waiting for a [...]

Lieu(tenant) Albano*

So, I was trying to keep the posts this week to a minimum. It being a holiday week, I figure a bunch of folks are just phoning it in, but with so many things just jumping out at me, some of these just write themselves.
This past weekend Reverend Billy, from the Church of Stop Shopping [...]

Breaking News – Verizon Stores Will Be Open Today

As many people know today is D-Day* for the long awaited iPhone, the next generation iPod that is also a phone, is being released today at 6pm. While I am sure lines have been forming for the last few days for the new AT&T phone (because it is a sure sign a product will be [...]

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