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Models & Drugs: A Perfect Combo

Clothing company Sisley has a new ad campaign out now called Fashion Junkie. We’ve all heard the term before (or some variation on it) and think nothing of it.
Well, Sisley actually did start to think about it and decided to run with it, producing a line of ads depicting addiction (at least to [...]

Everyone’s Related?

My cousin recently sent me a link to, and I became addicted. It’s an interactive virtual family tree, and it rocks. The interface is extremely simple to use: you set up a profile, click on the pink or blue arrows to add parents, siblings, spouses, etc. And then you keep going.
So far my family [...]

NYC Happy Hours: the list (a brief sampling)

Major thanks to Peter Shankman at PR Differently for passing this along.
Apparently a group of interns operating at one of New York’s finest summer employers (an investment bank, a law firm, advertising, marketing…who can say?) were charged with putting together a detailed list of happy hours.
This list is by no means comprehensive and [...]

Suppose You French Kiss Mr. Peanut…

About 10 years ago there was this smart-ass know it all trivia game called You Don’t Know Jack. It was kind of awesome. It started as a web game that you could play with your friends, then it was a PC video game, had a whole bunch of editions. Then it disappeared. Rumors ran rampant [...]

It’s that time of year again

Yes, it is finally ice cream season, you can tell by all of the ice cream trucks out and a bout and the constant jingles you hear emanating from them non-stop. I love Mister Softee’s vanilla ice cream with spinkles. That is my summer ice cream of choice.
Now I am torn here, not over a [...]

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