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Corrupted Calorie Counting

First a welcome back to me, I am once again trying to get back to writing on a regular basis, I am going to try and start off slowly and build to my previous posting levels, so without further ado:

Here at AmericanMadness we have not been huge fans of the law that requires chain restaurants [...]

Leaving the Snake Pit:
Have we gone too far in mainstreaming wackos?

Should we bring back the asylums of yesteryear?
Is the promise of modern medication exceeding its actual effectiveness?
These are questions that come to mind having read yesterday’s Freakonomics Quorum post by Stephen Dubner.
The column, How Much Progress Have Psychology and Psychiatry Really Made? is definitely worth reading in its entirety.
There is one [...]

Starbucks New Brew, Tastes Less Like Paint Thinner!

Starbucks launched the new Pike Place Roast today along with a new cup design. While the Pike Place blend still maintains Starbucks’ trademark paint thinner bouquet, it is noticeably smoother. The excessive caffeine level seems to have remained the same ensuring that Starbucks will not loose it’s legions of faithful junkies, who cling to this [...]

Airborne is Not the Miracle Cure!

Last week I was pretty miserable, I had a bad head cold, my sinuses were killing me, my throat felt as if I had been swallowing sandpaper (which I had not) and my nose wouldn’t stop running. After digging through my medicine lunch box (yes, we keep all of our first aid and cold cures [...]

Rock… Paper… Channel Up…

Are todays remote controls too much for you? The tedium of pushing buttons too strenuous? Getting Carpal Tunnel from trying to find something decent to watch? Well worry no more-
From the International Reporter we get an article about a new cocncept for a remote control, Basically it is a video camera that hooks up to [...]

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