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Straight From The Tap

There has been growing concern about bottled water recently. A little while ago there were reports that the plastic that bottled water was packaged in was leaching into the water itself which isn’t great. Next there is the environmental impact the disposed of bottles have.
Well, the NY Post is reporting that some New York restaurants [...]

Clearly It’s A Sea Pig

Well, that is one of the many creatures found off the coast of Antarctica during a survey done by a team of New Zealand scientists during the beginning of this year.
The sea pig (in her hand on the right) is a member of the sea cucumber family and is just one of the “Giant, Unknown [...]


We all know the pirates are big right now. Since Johnny Depp dawned mascara and started impersonating Keith Richards pirates have been on the rise and getting really popular. Based on this you would think an article about the rise in piracy would either be referring to bootleg DVDs or Hipsters in Williamsburg.
Instead we [...]

Evian Palace Bottle

Yes, I have written about the Palace Bottle by Evian before (I even used the same picture), but this isn’t a post about the new design or anything, this is an actual review of the bottle and its setup. Evian recently sent me a bottle and I had the chance to really check it out [...]

Under the Sea part II

Continuing in our tribute to Columbus we have another story:
While so many companies these days are working on making their products more affordable for people and others are working to help poor nations get access to the basics like food, drinkable water and shelter, other companies are working in the opposite direction.
With so many companies [...]

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