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Make It Stand Out

As you might have guessed I tend to go through a lot of websites each day. Most of what I find I just post here, but every now and again I find something totally random to share with just one or two people. On occasion that random item is about halfway down a page and [...]


I recently came across the site RCRDLBL, add some vowels and you’ve got Record Label, which is the idea behind the site. It is a chance for musicians to have their music heard and maybe make some money. As they say “RCRD LBL is an online record label releasing exclusive and completely free music from [...]

Sneak Peek

So, it is obvious we are fans of New York Magazine. We’ve used their content (usually crediting them). They’ve used our content (sometimes crediting us).
Any-hoo, it just came across my inbox that they are doing a website re-design which will probably launch next Friday. If you’d like to see a little preview of what the [...] Now With Misquotes is not content to just be irrelevant, now they want to be incorrect.
The social networking dinosaur known for their annoying Web ads has now decided quote fabrication is the way forward.
As I was checking my Yahoo! Mail via My Yahoo! Homepage (now with bigger display ads), I noticed the latest display advertisement. I [...]

This Is Why I Started Blogging

I have found that when a topic interests me I have the tendency to talk with multiple people about it in various circles of friends. Sure, it drives my wife crazy since she feels like I am always repeating myself, but for the most part the people hearing what I am talking about are hearing [...]

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