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Mad Skillz

Every now-and-then I come across a project that simply blows me away. Makes me wish I had the skills to create something of a similar nature. Unfortunately, most of these projects involve an advanced knowledge of wood working or a basic knowledge of electronics.
This one falls into the knowledge of electronics category. Maybe one day [...]

Airport Security Just Got That Much Scarier… Er… Safer

This week we have announcements of two developments that are bound to help out with airport security, protecting us from all thoe people planning to plant weapons in their shoes and making all of our lives easier by not having to take our shoes off at the airport.
First up we have the MagShoe “a high-speed, [...]

Calling All Rubes

While Josh has kept himself busy posting up and down on the site I have had a more leisurely past few days, relaxing and enjoying the break from everything afforded by Thanksgiving. But now I am back and ready to get posting again.
First up today we have a little something for all of you creative [...]

Not a good day…

I was going to write about an article from the Roanoke Times (shout out to our homie at the Roanoke Times) about the history of toy guns and the new outcry being raised around the Nintendo Wii Zapper.
I even had a witty little intro about mistaking the Wii Zapper (pictured right) for a real gun [...]

Changing the World

The Belfast Telegraph has a list online of 101 Gadgets that, they claim, changed the world. When you have long lists it is always debatable how to organize them, Belfast Telegraph chose to go alphabetically as opposed to, say, date order.
It is an interesting overview and has a really broad, all encompassing feel to it. [...]

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