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Fueling the Fire
(or: The Breasts the brought down the Governor)

While I will not focus on the direct implications of the Spitzer Scandal, let’s call it HookerGate, I do like the peripheral reporting and news that it generates.
First, the NY Times has excellent coverage about everything you might want to ever know about ‘Kristen,’ a.k.a. Ashley Alexandra Dupre, yes, including her real name and her [...] Now With Misquotes is not content to just be irrelevant, now they want to be incorrect.
The social networking dinosaur known for their annoying Web ads has now decided quote fabrication is the way forward.
As I was checking my Yahoo! Mail via My Yahoo! Homepage (now with bigger display ads), I noticed the latest display advertisement. I [...]

DIY Planning Templates

I’m a complete freak for organizational tools. I don’t subscribe to a particular system (such as Franklin Covey, which my friend Rick has mastered), but I do give a lot of thought to ease of use and effectiveness, especially as compared to slickness and coolness.
So I was a little too excited at running across [...]

Every now and then criminals do things that just baffle me. Like posting details about their crimes on the internet.
Associated Press has an article today about Lt. Charles Cohen who goes around talking with police officers and detectives about the internet, specifically sites like MySpace, Facebook and Second Life.
Basically what Lt. Cohen is lecturing about [...]

Movie Fans

I just learned about Criticker today.
Criticker is to movies what GoodReads is to books, for the most part. Though there is a bit more work required on your part here.
Basically you go in and rank a bunch of movies, after you have ranked 10, using their TCI (Taste Compatibility Index), they match you up with [...]

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