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Running might actually help your knees

“But despite entrenched mythology to the contrary, runners don’t seem prone to degenerating knees. An important 2008 study, this one from Stanford University, followed middle-aged, longtime distance runners (not necessarily marathoners) for nearly 20 years, beginning in 1984, when most were in their 50s or 60s. At that time, 6.7 percent of the runners had [...]

Visualize this! Collaborative data visualization

It’s strange that we live in a data driven world, however, most people have a desperately limited knowledge of how to analyze data and understand what the information actually means. On a daily basis we are always hearing news reports about this study or that study, but only the most simplified dumbed down data and [...]

Clearly It’s A Sea Pig

Well, that is one of the many creatures found off the coast of Antarctica during a survey done by a team of New Zealand scientists during the beginning of this year.
The sea pig (in her hand on the right) is a member of the sea cucumber family and is just one of the “Giant, Unknown [...]

Pricey Wine Tastes Better Because It’s Pricey?

Stephen Shankland over at CNet (does anyone else remember when CNet used to stick to technology reviews and news and we liked it that way?) has found this dandy of a research project conducted by California Institute of Technology and Stanford’s business school that says people think they like wine when it costs more.
A sample [...]

Airport Security Just Got That Much Scarier… Er… Safer

This week we have announcements of two developments that are bound to help out with airport security, protecting us from all thoe people planning to plant weapons in their shoes and making all of our lives easier by not having to take our shoes off at the airport.
First up we have the MagShoe “a high-speed, [...]

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