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Wrap a Nap: Ten Word Review

Ten Word Review
Shockingly utilitarian. Anoints wearer with the superpower of sleeping anywhere.
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Full Review
This product needs to come with an illustrated instruction manual, better yet, the person who delivers it should show you how to put it on. Not because it’s complicated— but because it’s hilarious. When I was first presented [...]

Finding comfort food in Brooklyn

So, I don’t usually write restaurant reviews, but every once in a while one comes along that strikes a resonant chord.  The Grand Canyon Restaurant, 141 Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, was such a place for me.  Why?  Well, it’s about hamburgers!  You know what they are generally like: hard, compressed and tasteless.  This [...]

Ready For My Close Up

Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Boogie, Jimmi Simpson, Brice Marden are just some of the faces you might recognize on the walls of Jose Picayo’s exhibition: “Mug Shots.”
That isn’t to say though that everyone whose picture is up on the walls of the gallery is famous.
Of the couple hundred photos up on the walls [...]

Wildwood (sometimes dry, overpriced) BBQ

Wildwood BBQ maiden lunch reviewed by a friend of AmericanMadness. Full staff review to come soon:
Wildwood BBQ appears at first to be a unique down-home addition to the more clench-assed highbrow options on Park Avenue.
However, one is quickly reminded of the location by the restaurant’s high price point and architectural pretensions (soaring wood beams [...]

AM at Brunch: The E.U.

Following in Adam Platt’s wake, the American Madness staff and spouses headed to East Village brunch spot, the E.U. (or European Union for those in the know).
For the table, we began with E.U.’s charcuterie platter, providing all a sampling of all five cured meats on the brunch menu.
Eric enjoyed the E.U. Hunter’s breakfast, which comes [...]

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