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Same Story, Different Details

This is kind of a sad one (2).
The remains of Hedviga Golik were found last month in her apartment in Croatia. According to reports she had made herself a cup of tea, sat down in her armchair to watch some tv, and must have passed away.
Having been born in 1924, there is nothign too surprising [...]

Parking Trouble

Ever have trouble finding a parking space? Well, this Friday it is about to get worse, at least for the day.
Friday, September 21st is Park(ing) Day.
Back in 2005 an art collective called Rebar took over a metered parking space and turned it into a mini park for the day . They got such a positive [...]

Call for Help: Veronica Seeks Sweet Bkln Apt

New Yorkers are just soulless about real estate. Not a single one of you commented or emailed to help Veronica find an apartment.
We understand. New York real estate is cutthroat. But come on, people? You’ll get another chance….we’ll see how you do then. But that’s it. Two chances. This ain’t baseball, people. This ain’t Hinduism. [...]

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