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Retirement is a foolish goal

Ron Lieber was kind enough to respond to my letter (which I rewrote into this piece) with these questions:
Thanks Josh — but what do you propose as an alternative?
T-bills forever and always? Will that provide a secure retirement for most folks?
Or do you believe that the mass of NYTimes readers can figure out the [...]

New Lows For Fox News

I am not a huge fan of Fox News, I feel that, for the most part, it is exploitive and uses scare tactics rather then actual journalism to get its point across. Fortunately I can get my news from about 200 other channels so I am not stuck listening to them blather on pushing their [...]

Tune in after the election for leadership

“It’s hard to draw conclusions about her management style, because she is, in fact, not the manager of her campaign.”
- Hillary Clinton senior adviser Harold Ickes
The New York Times does a great job with this morning’s article on the Clinton campaign’s utter lack of direction or leadership.
I’m really really really tired of the press [...]

Village Voice Bashes Iron Chef
American Madness Bashes Village Voice

Last week the Village Voice had what they called an exposé on Iron Chef: America. Now, I cook a fair bit and also happen to be a big fan of Iron Chef. When this article came out virtually everyone I know who still reads the Village Voice (I think there were 2 people) contacted me [...]

Media Succumbs to the Wealth Effect

New York City is lousy with rich people. OK, we get it. But New York City is also lousy with blind journalists.
I realize that rich people make interesting copy, as evidenced by this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine section, which does an extremely lightweight job of analyzing their impact on the city. But what rich [...]

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