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Have we become everything we hate?

The Justice Department is likely to conduct an investigation into whether any American personel were involved in torturing terrorism suspects.  The government, however, will not prosecute any individuals who adhered to the guidelines of the lawyers in the Justice Department regarding torture.  Moreover, the Justice Department will not prosecute the lawyers who rendered those legal [...]

The Insanity of Republican Neocons

This diatribe relates to THE DEATH OF ISRAEL, by DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN, published on on May 24, 2009.
What aggravates me most about people like Mr. Morris and Ms. McGann is that there is no excuse for their lamentable ignorance.  But of course they aren’t ignorant, they are just venal and politically self [...]

Yes we did

I like this guy more and more.

I mean his judgement…

I’ll say whatever I have to

Sen. Obama does not support requiring religious tests for recipients of aid nor using federal money to proselytize, according to a campaign fact sheet. He also only supports letting religious institutions hire and fire based on faith in the non-taxpayer funded portions of their activities, said a senior adviser to the campaign, who spoke on [...]

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