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There goes the (trust fund) neighborhood…

“Famed for its concentration of heavily subsidized 20-something residents — also nicknamed trust-funders or trustafarians — Williamsburg is showing signs of trouble. Parents whose money helped fuel one of the city’s most radical gentrifications in recent years have stopped buying their children new luxury condos, subsidizing rents and providing cash to spend at Bedford Avenue’s [...]

NYU protesters courageously ask not to be tasered.

I hardly know where to begin.
It may be old news at this point, but two weeks ago several dozen students barricaded themselves into a cafeteria at NYU and issued a list of demands.
Here is the hilarious video of the final moments of their ridiculous, bizarre, disorganized protest. This video is a gift that keeps on [...]

The “Best Men” for the job

There’s been quite a lot written about executive compensation now that Obama has made it clear the banks accepting government money will only be allowed to pay $500k in cash to their chiefs (it’s a bit more complicated than that, but whatever).
The push back is that companies can’t get the best people for those prices. [...]

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia

At least that is what H.G. Wells thought, too bad he was a little off.
With a nice long warm weekend coming up, what better to do then break out your bike and go for a ride.
Not sure where to go, well then you should visit RideTheCity. RideTheCity is a website similar to MapQuest or HopStop, [...]

More Art for Wednesday

Well, I guess it is technically for Thursday.
Starting tomorrow and running through October 13th, the city is getting 4 waterfalls. Olafur Eliasson’s “The New York City Waterfalls” has been installed around the city. Although organized by the City and the Public Art Fund, the project is totally funded from private supporters, corporations and other foundations, [...]

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