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Carnegie Hall has crappy marketing (and other reasons for the death of classical music)

So here is the crux of my problem with Carnegie Hall: It worships the musicians at the expense of the music.

I am on the list for Carnegie Hall because I’ve attended a couple of concerts there, but I rarely respond to emails or mailings and I haven’t been to the Hall in years. Why? Because [...]

A Long Time Ago…

There won’t be any surprise parties, but there will be countless tributes, re-showings, probably some cake, a few costumes here and there and a number of people feeling really old today.
Yes, Star Wars hits the big 3-0 today. And everyone should be aware of this. If you didn’t know, mark you calendar for big future [...]

Mayor Mike’s New Website

So big news- Apparently Bloomberg just updated his website. This has folks speculating that he is planning a run for Governor or, get this- President.
Governor I can believe. President? Don’t believe the hype.
Check out Bloomberg’s redesigned website here
Then come back and tell us what you think? Governor? President? or just a new design?

U.S. Trust on the rich

One of my peeves with the Media (capital M!) is that even though the Internet allows instant disintermediation of information, the media clings more closely to the idea that it needs to tell you things that you could read and interpret for yourself.
Hence, you’ll see a bunch of articles coming out this week (and [...]

Merrill attempts to spawn upstream

I sympathize with Merrill Lynch. Like many Wall Street research providers, the firm’s stock reports have long been seen as a commodity. The firm has two choices: lower its own internal cost of creation, or try to reframe its reports as more exclusive, higher quality, etc. ML has taken the latter approach, today informing the [...]

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