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Stupid Foreign Policy?

“Lessons From the Barbary Pirate Wars”, By Jeffrey Gettleman in NY Times 4 /12/09 states:
“…[A]ny effort to wipe out Somali pirate dens like Xarardheere or Eyl immediately conjures up the ghost of “Black Hawk Down,” the episode in 1993 when clan militiamen in flip-flops killed 18 American soldiers. Until America can get over that, and [...]

Blowing Up Their Spot

If you haven’t yet heard (though I am not sure how you could have missed it), Iran released pictures of a missile test they just conducted. The image they released was plastered all over newspapers world wide and showed 4 missiles taking flight simultaneously. The picture came from Agence France-Presse who said that they got [...]

New Lows For Fox News

I am not a huge fan of Fox News, I feel that, for the most part, it is exploitive and uses scare tactics rather then actual journalism to get its point across. Fortunately I can get my news from about 200 other channels so I am not stuck listening to them blather on pushing their [...]

An Open Letter to Judith Warner

Dear Judith,
Rarely, if ever, do I agree with your analysis or point-of-view. However, I think it is more important to consider all view points to an argument rather than to live in an echo chamber. Thus, every Friday, when the “Opinion Today” e-mail hits my inbox, I always click through to your Domestic Disturbances [...]

Cooking on the Cheap

It almost sounds like a dream meal set-up, The New York Times gave Eric Ripert and his pastry chef no budget and let them loose in a store to buy ingredients to cook a fabulous meal. You know of course there is a catch in there, otherwise would this be worth writing about? (well, [...]

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