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A Little More Satisfaction

Elvis has been gone for a while. Having died almost 30 years ago you wouldn’t exactly expect to see new pictures of him popping up anywhere. Except that is exactly what’s going on.
This isn’t some vast conspiracy theory. No Elvis spottings at Wal-mart or descending from a UFO, but rather photos taken by George Kalinsky [...]

Straight From The Tap

There has been growing concern about bottled water recently. A little while ago there were reports that the plastic that bottled water was packaged in was leaching into the water itself which isn’t great. Next there is the environmental impact the disposed of bottles have.
Well, the NY Post is reporting that some New York restaurants [...]

Starbucks Says: Have It Your Way

As I am sure many of you coffee drinkers know, Starbucks was closed for a few hours last Tuesday as they re-trained their baristas on how to make a proper cup of coffee. While Dunkin’ Donuts took advantage of this and was selling $0.99 cups of joe, Starbucks was busy putting up signs in their [...]

Halloween Haunting Edition

Different folks like different levels of scary for Halloween, some people are all about watching the slasher flicks and checking out the newest haunted house guaranteed to make you wet your pants, others prefer something a bit tamer like Bedknobs & Broomsticks.
While people are headed out to the parade or heading to their local watering [...]

Deserve To Be Caught

We have another two-fer today: Stupid Criminals.
First up, we have a man in Suffolk County, NY who tried to rob a convenience store with a gun. Unfortunately it was either a toy gun or he was totally unwilling to use it (which technically wouldn’t be unfortunate, though if you are going to rob a store [...]

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