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Revisiting The Lord of the Rings films

I’ve spent the last two days not feeling so great, formatting my hard drive and re-installing Windows on my computer (what a big pain in the ass that is!). So to help ease the time and boredom while installing drivers and software and trying to figure out how the hell to reconnect to my WiFi [...]

Cue the John Williams Music (take 2)

Okay, besides Legos, and Indiana Jones (and what would seem like the ultimate linking of the two) you can add Star Wars to the list of nostalgia I like to write about.
I came across this article written by a toy designer who was contacted in 1998 to produce a line of toys for the Pepsi [...]

Cue the John Williams Music

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We all know that Indiana Jones comes out in just two months (slightly over 57 days).
For those of you know who really need an Indy fix now though there is IndyGear. Indy Gear is the site for the true fan, where you can read up on Indiana Jones gear like his [...]

The Future is Now

Does anyone still remember a time when people predicted that you would be able to watch anything you wanted when ever you wanted? Any show on a whim? When we hit 1000+ channels people felt that was the way it was going to be, but it wasn’t. On-Demand costs money and there is a limit [...]

Lists Madness

While it might seem like I all of a sudden have found a ton to say after quite a bit of silence, what really is going on is that when I come across a link I want to write about I keep it open until I have some free time (or bookmark them until I [...]

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