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Carnegie Hall has crappy marketing (and other reasons for the death of classical music)

So here is the crux of my problem with Carnegie Hall: It worships the musicians at the expense of the music.

I am on the list for Carnegie Hall because I’ve attended a couple of concerts there, but I rarely respond to emails or mailings and I haven’t been to the Hall in years. Why? Because [...]

Cross-Over Appeal

According to everyone’s favorite semi-authoritative,mostly accurate source, Wikipedia:
In 2006, [Deepak] Chopra launched Virgin Comics LLC alongside his son, Gotham Chopra, and Richard Branson, famed entrepreneur and thrill-seeker. The aim of the company is to promote and examine South Asian themes and culture through the use of the traditional comic book medium. [9]
Well, since 2006 it [...]

Airborne is Not the Miracle Cure!

Last week I was pretty miserable, I had a bad head cold, my sinuses were killing me, my throat felt as if I had been swallowing sandpaper (which I had not) and my nose wouldn’t stop running. After digging through my medicine lunch box (yes, we keep all of our first aid and cold cures [...]

Starbucks Says: Have It Your Way

As I am sure many of you coffee drinkers know, Starbucks was closed for a few hours last Tuesday as they re-trained their baristas on how to make a proper cup of coffee. While Dunkin’ Donuts took advantage of this and was selling $0.99 cups of joe, Starbucks was busy putting up signs in their [...]

Ikea II

Josh posted about the excellent Ikea website set up right now with slow motion shots that allow you to travel through the frame a little while ago. Well, now we bring you a one-off from that.
Outside the US in, let’s say Sweden (just a guess from the test), they have another great site that allows [...]

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