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Power Problem : CJR

“First, the public should be aware—warned, so to be speak—that its interests and those of the business press may not be in perfect alignment. The business press exists within the Wall Street and corporate subculture and understandably must adopt its idioms and customs, the better to translate them for the rest of us. Still, it [...]

Journalists will believe anything with a percentage attached

Stephen Bernard of the Associated Press probably wouldn’t believe for one second that I could tell him, to the pound, the weight of all the rocks that fell off the Rocky Mountains during the past week. But he will — apparently without a scintilla of doubt — report that some company knows how much [...]

Blowing Up Their Spot

If you haven’t yet heard (though I am not sure how you could have missed it), Iran released pictures of a missile test they just conducted. The image they released was plastered all over newspapers world wide and showed 4 missiles taking flight simultaneously. The picture came from Agence France-Presse who said that they got [...]

Leaving the Snake Pit:
Have we gone too far in mainstreaming wackos?

Should we bring back the asylums of yesteryear?
Is the promise of modern medication exceeding its actual effectiveness?
These are questions that come to mind having read yesterday’s Freakonomics Quorum post by Stephen Dubner.
The column, How Much Progress Have Psychology and Psychiatry Really Made? is definitely worth reading in its entirety.
There is one [...]

And The Award Goes To…

The Pulitzer Prize Award winners were just announced and you can see the full list of winners over at their website, or below the jump. Notice that there was no award given this year for Editorial Writing. Also notice Bob Dylan got a Special Citation “for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, [...]

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