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Dinner with American Madness: Dell’Anima

38 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10014
GM: Joe Campanale
Chef: Gabriel Thompson


Dell’Anima (literally, “from the soul”) is a gastronomic must-do. It is certainly among the top 10 meals I’ve had in the past few years.
As ardent readers will remember, back when we reviewed Babbo, we broke the news that sommelier Joe Campanale and friends would be launching [...]

Food Art

Um, somehow this made it into the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times, as opposed to say the Arts & Entertainment section.
What we have here is the art of Annie Sessler. She makes some beautiful prints of fish and other aquatic life-forms. I guess technically it does have some food relation in [...]

I’ve always wanted to do this…

But never really had a forum for it. Now that Josh has given me the ability to write to the world I can finally do it, I am going to follow up on Friday’s post and drop a recipe or 2 on ya’ll.
First up we have Potato Pancake’s with Manchengo Cheese (adapted from The Joy [...]

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