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Straight From The Box

ApartmentTherapy: The Kitchn (no typo there) has a post today from their Kitchen Confessional series titled: Good Recipes from the Back of the Box.
They highlight Nestle’s chocolate chip cookies, I mean you really can’t go wrong with them. It’s interesting to see that a lot of the recipes that readers wrote in about [...]


Reading food blogs tends to make me hungry, some even inspire me in the kitchen. Of course this is all dependent on how detailed they are. Is the writer just talking about what a great cook they are and making you jealous of all the good stuff they have to eat or are they [...]

Cooking With Christopher

There is a new(-ish) website around now called I’m Cooked.
It is the type of site where folks who watch the Food Network and feel that they could make better cooking shows then Sandra Lee (and really, who can’t) can come and post their videos of cooking in the kitchen.
Like YouTube or Funny or Die it [...]

Too Hot To Cook

Last night I made an heirloom tomato sauce, pasta and blueberry pie for dinner (and dessert). After the oven had been on for about 10 minutes for the pie and I had 2 burners going on the stove top I vowed not to cook again this summer until temperatures dropped below 70 degrees.
With a small [...]

Summer Drinking, Had Me a Blast

As I said earlier today (about 2 posts down) it is summer time, and what better way to ring in the summer then with a nice drink.
I have always thought of Gin* as an ideal summer drink. Its crisp clean taste of juniper berries, how well it mixes with lime, and and how nice it [...]

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