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Hebral Remedy 3: Not-So-Classic Gin and Tonic

Today’s recipe comes to us by way of OverTheHillAndOnARoll (an LA Blog for “Folks… who like livin’ the good life.”), their thoughts on Gin are pretty similar to mine. I haven’t yet had a chance to sample this one, but it sounds super refreshing, especially with the hint of cucumber.

2 oz of Gin
5 oz of [...]

Club Soda from Soda-Club

I guess I first read about the Soda-Club seltzer maker on ApartmentTherapy: The Kitchn. I had seen similar products during a recent trip to Switzerland (back in November) and was intrigued. I am a big fan of seltzer, sparkling water, club soda…call it what you will, so I decided it was time to get one [...]

Recipe: Steak and Truffle Poached Egg

Yes, I have been MIA recently, I apologize about that, but when you are working extra long hours the last thing you want to do when you get home is sit down in front of a computer and bang out a post. I am hoping things calm down a bit here in the coming weeks [...]

Going Overboard With Bacon

So, you might think this is going to be a post about boats and bacon or seafaring bacon or even bacon life preservers or something, but no, when I say going overboard, I mean too much bacon.
New York Magazine has a recipe for a Bacon-Infused Old Fashion from PDT. Part one of the recipe is [...]

Bacon Cake

Foodbloggess extraordinaire Miss Ginsu has combined two of the greatest food inventions ever into one delectable treat: bacon and cake.
What? You think that sounds a little, dare I say, disgusting? Au contraire mon frère, I’ll let Miss Ginsu explain:
Now, before you say “eeeew!” remember that sweet and salty tastes are often pretty great together. Chocolate [...]

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