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Hebral Remedy 3: Not-So-Classic Gin and Tonic

Today’s recipe comes to us by way of OverTheHillAndOnARoll (an LA Blog for “Folks… who like livin’ the good life.”), their thoughts on Gin are pretty similar to mine. I haven’t yet had a chance to sample this one, but it sounds super refreshing, especially with the hint of cucumber.

2 oz of Gin
5 oz of [...]

Herbal Remedy 2: Basil Gimlet

So we would hate for all of that fresh basil you purchased yesterday for 1 drink to go to waste, so we figured we’d help you out with another Basil recipe today… Actually a large number of the recipes I have call for either basil or gin (and some for both.
This one comes to us [...]

Herbal Remedy 1: Basil Gin Martini

So, you may recall that back in October I thought that this summer was going to be all about drinks made with fresh herbs.
Well, the summer is here and I’d like to give myself partial credit. Although it hasn’t been an overwhelming push, there have been a number of summer cocktails I have [...]

At The Bar: 10 Cane Rum

We have a special guest reviewer today for 10 Cane Rum. Rachel Godfrey has sat beside me tasting all the other alcohols reviewed for AmericanMadness and since she is a die-hard mojito drinker, I figured she would be the go to person for a review of 10 Cane Rum.
I enjoy good food, but as my [...]

Going Overboard With Bacon

So, you might think this is going to be a post about boats and bacon or seafaring bacon or even bacon life preservers or something, but no, when I say going overboard, I mean too much bacon.
New York Magazine has a recipe for a Bacon-Infused Old Fashion from PDT. Part one of the recipe is [...]

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