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Because REAL men like flavored dip

This video is priceless. This guy is either serious and, as such, a bit of an idiot or an absolute genius who has created an unbelievable parody.
It’s fairly clear that he’s serious, but if you watch it as if it’s tongue-in-cheek it’s unbelievably hilarious. The details are incredible, from the Confederate flag on the back [...]

Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin – TIME

“And no matter how much PE they got during school hours, when you look at the whole day, the kids from the three schools moved the same amount, at about the same intensity. The kids at the fancy private school underwent significantly more physical activity before 3 p.m., but overall they didn’t move more. “Once [...]

Goings on today! and more!

Nicholas Kristof ‘s foolish columns continue to divert attention from the problems in our nation by focusing on the plight of the poor elsewhere in the World.  I swear, it almost seems as if that fool is in the pay of the President and the Congress, who would love to keep the heat off their [...]

Finding comfort food in Brooklyn

So, I don’t usually write restaurant reviews, but every once in a while one comes along that strikes a resonant chord.  The Grand Canyon Restaurant, 141 Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201, was such a place for me.  Why?  Well, it’s about hamburgers!  You know what they are generally like: hard, compressed and tasteless.  This [...]

Sausage Party!

Gastronomically, classy chefs were getting really into the nasty bits.

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