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Carnegie Hall has crappy marketing (and other reasons for the death of classical music)

So here is the crux of my problem with Carnegie Hall: It worships the musicians at the expense of the music.

I am on the list for Carnegie Hall because I’ve attended a couple of concerts there, but I rarely respond to emails or mailings and I haven’t been to the Hall in years. Why? Because [...]

Eames Polariod SX-70 Commercial

Produced by Charles and Ray Eames for Polaroid. Music by Elmer Bernstein. (Tip of the hat to

Caroline nominated for an Annie!

Our friend Caroline Attia has been nominated for an Annie, the Oscar of animation, for her PSA video Sarah, a commercial for The video is extremely poignant, though it doesn’t even begin to showcase all of her talent. You can see her other videos at or a reel of some of her corporate [...]

Take a nap (here’s how)

For years, the Boston Globe says, naps have gotten a bad rap. But really they’re great, so they’ve produced a how-to guide: more evidence that some people are just too dumb to be lazy.
Click to enlarge:

Art Monday

As I go back through what I have marked up the past week to post here, things that have caught my eye and such, it is looking like I will have a weekly post of art that has caught my eye from the previous week. We’ll see if I can turn this into a regular, [...]

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