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State Legislatures Seek to Legally Insulate the Pollutors of America

When I was in law school we were all required to work at a law firm, or at a public legal services organization so that we could have a hands on experience in the practice of law.  One semester I worked for a condemnation law firm, which was a busy place at the time, because [...]

New from the Obama Justice Department: Any action is OK if the country is scared

Just a few days ago the lawyers who gave an OK to torture memo to the Bush Administration were cleared of any legal misconduct by high ups in the Justice Department.  Earlier, the ethics branch of the Justice Department found that they had indeed violated their code of ethics and had engaged in legal misconduct. The [...]

“Only a man who carries a gun ever needs one”

Many years ago, during the 1968 Presidential campaign, there was a cartoon showing a crown roaring along a street and at the bottom of the single panel cartoon was a tiny figure (Bobby Kennedy) saying, “Oh M-God, I have to catch up with that crowd, I’m their leader.”  The point is that it is often [...]

I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

The Bureau of Labor Statistice,, stated on October 2, 2009, that since the recession began in December, 2007,   7,600,000 jobs have been lost, 4,453,000 of them since November, 2008.  Today the government reported that the governments stimulus program has created approximately 30,000 new jobs.  At that rate, from November, 08 to September, 09 the [...]

Have we become everything we hate?

The Justice Department is likely to conduct an investigation into whether any American personel were involved in torturing terrorism suspects.  The government, however, will not prosecute any individuals who adhered to the guidelines of the lawyers in the Justice Department regarding torture.  Moreover, the Justice Department will not prosecute the lawyers who rendered those legal [...]

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