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U.S. defends against prior financial war;
business once again safe from real regulation

In the great tradition of the conquered, much as the French built the Maginot line to protect themselves from a World War I offensive, the U.S. Government has come out with suggestions for how we can best prepare for the last economic war.
“A mortgage broker would be required by law to act in the borrower’s [...]

Berkshire Hathaway’s annual letter

Filled with insight, and a joy to read!

Give A Little

As we enter the holiday season folks are opening their wallets for many reasons, usually to buy a gift for some one. well here is an idea, give the gift of charity… I know it sounds hokey and all, but this really is the time of year when folks consider giving to charities and good [...]

Don’t Buy Into It

If you are fed up with mass consumerism and think that the capitalist paradigm we live in is bringing about the destruction of the planet, maybe the shopping and sales on Black Friday are something you don’t want to participate in. Well then, how about Buy Nothing Day.
Buy Nothing day is the Friday after Thanksgiving [...]

American Madness Black Friday Sale!

You may have noticed the increased posting today and yesterday. This is because Josh and I have been building up a pile of posts here for those of you who plan on reading over the next two days while we are off enjoying our Thanksgiving dinners. Don’t expect much from the two of us on [...]

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