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Hans Rosling’s incredible statistical animation

The meaning of “UBS”

Top 10 Things the Letters “UBS” Stands For
10. Uncle Broke Sam
9. Unlocked Banking Secrets
8. Untaxed Bastards Suffer!
7. Uber Blown Secrecy
6. Untrustworthy Bankster Swine
5. Used to BS (the IRS)
4. Unconcealed Banknote Storage
3. Unlawful Benefits Seized
2. U’d Better Surrender
and the number one thing UBS stands for:
1. Utilize Bahamas, Swiftly!
via The Big Picture – Part 2.

Endogeous market euphoria presages collapse

“If only to confirm the socionomic causality at work, an economist quoted in the article above muses, “The one anomaly in the puzzle is that people shouldn’t be feeling better because the jobs market is so terrible and unemployment is likely to keep rising.” Of course it would be an anomaly, and people should not [...]

What the Hell is going on here? Government seeks economic power grab

The Treasury Chief Is Expected to Ask Congress for New Powers.
The Obama administration plans to ask Congress for the authority to take over financial institutions in distress, expanding its existing powers to include insurance companies and other less-regulated market players, officials said on Tuesday.
“The United States government does not have the legal means today to [...]

Comments on the Recovery Plans

Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, in today’s epistle “Failure to Rise,” gives continued evidence that he hasn’t a clue to what has to be done to help the economy. He accuses America of failing to rise to the greatest challenge of the past 70 years. Just the dating of his statement [...]

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