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The Long Goodbye

Query: Must we continue to spend a major part of all Medicare spending on ineffective medical treatment during the last year of life? Or, asked another way: Are we doing Grandpa and Grandma a favor by keeping them marginally alive with no quality of life?
We’ve all heard the scenario; 85 year old Grandpa Ike has [...]

Self-funding regulation:
Another stupid idea

Response to Top Securities Lawyers Call for Self-Funded S.E.C., in which it is stated that “Forty leading securities lawyers urged Congress on Friday to allow the S.E.C. to keep the hundreds of millions of dollars in fees it collects each year and use them to support its operations”:
We select among a series of bad options. [...]

“Stimulus” is a meaningless term

My reply to David Brooks (who now fancies himself an economist):
If economists had a clue most of them would work real jobs producing something. This is REALLY simple.
If you had a friend who was in debt to his eyeballs and had just lost his job and he asked for a loan to spend the weekend [...]

Tom Friedman math:
debt + inexperience = success!

Thomas Friedman, the most “important columnist in America,” reminded New York Times readers on Wednesday that all is possible if you just pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Friedman’s latest footnote in America’s ongoing Horatio Alger narrative prescribes a new round of government tax cuts to help college graduates start their own businesses.
By Friedman’s twisted [...]

You said it, sista

Re: Obama Is From Mars, Wall Street Is From Venus
Heilrmann writes a great political piece here, but he betrays the general ignorance on the cause of the financial crisis that infects the media. Wall Street did not cause this problem. It may have exacerbated it, but this mess started in Washington and got accelerated on [...]

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