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Art Monday: Performance Edition

Today’s Art edition is composed of some videos and photography.
ImprovEverywhere is a group that has done some fun things around NYC, like ‘Freezing’ in Grand Central (which was later copied on an episode ofLaw & Order: SVU). Their latest project, called ‘Human Mirror,’ took 8 sets of twins and created a mirror effect on [...]

Blowing Up Their Spot

If you haven’t yet heard (though I am not sure how you could have missed it), Iran released pictures of a missile test they just conducted. The image they released was plastered all over newspapers world wide and showed 4 missiles taking flight simultaneously. The picture came from Agence France-Presse who said that they got [...]

Art Wednesday: Pictures from Space

Calling it ‘art’ is a bit of a cheat I guess. I mean, is it really art if it is just a picture taken from a satellite doing its job? There is no eye for the artistic behind the taking of these pictures and it just so happens that some one was smart enough to [...]

Art Tuesday

Today’s installment of art comes from Jerusalem and Seattle.
First up we have some older work by Desiree Palmen. Between 1999 and 2006 Palmen worked with fabrics and paint to make jumpsuits that camouflaged nicely with their surroundings (if you are standing in a certain place that is). For fans of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the idea [...]

Art Wednesday

Well, I have given up on trying to make this a weekly column, so it is becoming an occasional column.
I’ve come across 2 sets of photos in the last two days. One set is pretty interesting and the other set is pretty incredible, both are definitely worth checking out.
The first set of pictures makes it [...]

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