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Carnegie Hall has crappy marketing (and other reasons for the death of classical music)

So here is the crux of my problem with Carnegie Hall: It worships the musicians at the expense of the music.

I am on the list for Carnegie Hall because I’ve attended a couple of concerts there, but I rarely respond to emails or mailings and I haven’t been to the Hall in years. Why? Because [...]

MinnPost – We lie a lot. And that’s the truth.

Tim: We just signed to a record company, actually.
Allison: Really?
Tim: Yeah, Epitaph.
Allison: Do you sing or…
Time: Yeah, I’m the lead singer.
Allison: Wow!
Only, Tim wasn’t the lead singer. His band hadn’t signed with a record company. In fact, he wasn’t in a band at all!
via MinnPost – We lie a lot. And that’s the truth..

Jeff “Big Brother” bezos and Amazon’s remote control

In June, fans of Ayn Rand suffered the same fate—Amazon removed Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and The Virtue of Selfishness, with an explanation that it had “recently discovered a problem” with the titles. And some customers have complained of the same experience with Harry Potter books. Amazon says the Kindle versions of all these books [...]

2009 Pride Week Wrap-Up

Josh McCutchen Show + Gay Pride Parade 2009
Besides being a prodigal American Madness columnist, this budding journalist also knows how to work a camera.
Recently, I filmed the most viewed episode of the Josh McCutchen show. McCutchen, an Indiana artist turned Brooklynite, has been making his show since 2007 and has racked up interviews with such [...]

A little Reggie Watts for Sunday

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