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Go Nuclear

Paris ‘totally ready to lead.’ See you at the debates bitches

See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on
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Circumventing Chinese Internet Censorship

Having trouble accessing websites from China? “The Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIFC) offers a set of free tools that can be used to circumvent Chinese Internet censorship. The group claims approximately 1 million people in China use its tools to access the Internet.

Christian Bale Goes Psycho on Mom and Sis

Yes that’s right, your favorite psycho/superhero Christian Bale is under arrest in London for beating up the family prior to the premiere of Batman: The Dark Knight.
When contacted by American Madness, Scotland Yard would not name Christian Bale, only confirming: “We have a 34-year-old man in custody at a central London police station. He was [...]

Starbucks Closes 600 Stores. Will US Economy Survive?

Today Starbucks has officially issued a list of the 600 stores it will close in the coming months. Nationally, the state with the most Starbucks to close is California with 88, followed by Florida with 59, Texas with 57 and New York with 39.
A quick look at the list of stores reveals that only 5 [...]

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