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Interesting little tidbit from the NY Times (and actually I thought it amusing back when the West Wing was on that they had a minority candidate win the presidential election. I didn’t think we were a progressive enough nation for that… now I am hoping we are).
Also, what are your thoughts on how the recent [...]

The Great Schlep

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.
Message to Your Grandma: Vote Obama

From a Newsweek article I (apparently) started reading in the middle (and haven’t completed reading quite yet:
As Wallace and Scully drove up, they were met outside by Schmidt and Mark Salter, McCain’s longtime aide and speechwriter. Schmidt escorted the two upstairs, where he dramatically paused before a closed door. “You’re No. 7 and 8,” Schmidt [...]

Media Control

I have recently been reading Noam Chomsky’s Media Control(2002) and came across this passage the other night that I felt was reflective of what is going on now:
Instead of talking about the last war, let me talk about the next war, because sometimes it’s useful to be prepared instead of just reacting. There is a [...]

Spagehtti Scandal

I assume Josh sent this one to me because I am his “ethnic Italian” friend, you can tell because my name ends in a vowel. Although I have attached the full text after the jump, I’ll sum it up here:
The American Italian Pasta Company is being charged with fraud, well at least the CEO and [...]

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