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Gay Marriage Will Save The Economy

I know, this is making its rounds on the web this week, so I am just doing my part:

Prop 8 – The Musical
And to guarnatee some totally random hits, let’s list some of the actors and actress in it: We’ve got John C. Riley, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Margaret Cho, Andy Richter, Allison Janey, [...]

TV Magic

I watch Top Chef. Shocking, I know.
Well I just finished watching tonight’s episode and couldn’t help noticing a little TV magic. Now, you might expect a bit of this on a television show about food, especially one where the “challenge” is to cook food for another television show, but it isn’t what your thinking.
What I [...]

Let Me Make Sure I’ve Got This Right…

Picture Game

Ok, so I was checking out the NY Times statistics on the election and there are these two maps showing which states voted for who. I knwo two states are still pending, but they have colored them based on the most likely outcome. Now I was studying these maps and noticed something isn’t quite right. [...]

Election Statistic CNN Did Not Have Time For

With the election being called at 11:00pm last night, CNN and virtually every other station had to cut their typical election night coverage short. For those of you who watched CNN, you may have noticed from time to time they went to their touch screen to pull up various details from their polling of who [...]

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