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Wrap a Nap: Ten Word Review

Ten Word Review
Shockingly utilitarian. Anoints wearer with the superpower of sleeping anywhere.
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Full Review
This product needs to come with an illustrated instruction manual, better yet, the person who delivers it should show you how to put it on. Not because it’s complicated— but because it’s hilarious. When I was first presented [...]

2009 Pride Week Wrap-Up

Josh McCutchen Show + Gay Pride Parade 2009
Besides being a prodigal American Madness columnist, this budding journalist also knows how to work a camera.
Recently, I filmed the most viewed episode of the Josh McCutchen show. McCutchen, an Indiana artist turned Brooklynite, has been making his show since 2007 and has racked up interviews with such [...]

Sausage Party!

Gastronomically, classy chefs were getting really into the nasty bits.

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