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Why are we still lynching people in America?

Most people in this country who viewed the Casey Anthony trial seem to have disagreed with the final verdict and would like to kill the woman.  This attitude is a slander on our justice system.
The rights of the accused in our judicial system go back pretty far.  They start in English Law with the Magna [...]

The Long Goodbye

Query: Must we continue to spend a major part of all Medicare spending on ineffective medical treatment during the last year of life? Or, asked another way: Are we doing Grandpa and Grandma a favor by keeping them marginally alive with no quality of life?
We’ve all heard the scenario; 85 year old Grandpa Ike has [...]

Our Mortgage Foreclosure Problems!

I write this because the newspapers are constantly complaining about the fact that the Obama Administration is unable to save us from the mortgage crisis.  I don’t think that we need to be saved.  We need to accept what happened and let the people who cannot afford their houses be moved out of them.
Millions of [...]

I’m flummoxed, can anyone explain this to me!

I am sure that almost no one is terribly concerned with how ultra orthodox Jews view the preparation of leafy vegetables.  A friend of mine’s daughter was told by a super orthodox Rabbi that if she served a lettuce without taking it apart and examining every part of the leaf for tiny bugs, eating it [...]

Have a Wonderful Summer Children!

In an essay of no more than 500 words discuss two of the following:
a.  Is Barak Obama really a Democrat?  In your essay, discuss foreign affairs, economics, equality of opportunity, progressive taxation, immigration reform, and social equality.
b.  Should the United States continue its support of the State of Israel?  In your essay discuss democracy, the [...]

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