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Don’t Talk to Aliens (No, this isn’t about Arizona)

Stephen Hawking warns that humanity shouldn’t be so keen on making contact with extra-terrestrials. Mathematically speaking, it is highly likely there are other planets in the universe that have life and some of those with intelligent life. His argument is basically that there is a possibility that any intelligent life out there may not have [...]

New Arizona Immigration Law a Disgrace to the Constitution (Part II)

The commentary on the new Arizona anti-brown people law is starting to come in. The New York Times has an article highlighting the divided opinions on the measures which includes this choice bit, which, incredibly enough, doesn’t come from The Onion:
In a nearby neighborhood, Ron White, 52, said he felt a sense of relief that [...]

New Arizona Immigration Law a Disgrace to the Constitution

In my zeal for the stories and excitement over my new blog, I forgot that I had intended to continue cross-posting non movie related stories to American Madness. So here’s the first in a series of posts from this week.
This has been expected for some time now, but Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona has just [...]

Denial of Science: Michael Specter in a TED Talk

This is cross-posted at my new blog. I figure for a short while I’ll double post things that are not specifically related to film (which is the primary focus of Mostly Movies, surprise).
This TED talk exemplifies at a fundamental level some of the problems I have with so many opinions in the world. “Everyone’s entitled [...]

The Final Chapter: The Royal Tenenbaums; The Return of Robert Altman; Sofia Coppola Achieves Greatness

Finally, the last post in what has seemed to be a never-ending series. With this post highlighting what I’m dubbing the “Prestige Pictures” I complete my list of 70 films I enjoyed most from the ’00s.
If anyone’s actually been following along, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and perhaps even added something new to your Netflix [...]

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