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George Orwell on Eric Blair

Eric Blair lived an interesting life. It should come as a surprise to no one that this life was noted, recorded and dissected into the daily pages of a journal. Now into the blogosphere come daily notations made by the man who would take the nom de plume George Orwell published 70 years to the [...]

What Does a Six Year Old and Wine Spectator Have In Common?

They both believe in fictional characters.
At least the six year old has a plausible excuse for their fantasy. They are after all still a child. So I ask, what is Wine Spectator’s excuse for bestowing an Award of Excellence on a restaurant that doesn’t exist?
And by doesn’t exist, I don’t mean, doesn’t exist [...]


A Good Omen For Wall Street

This evening a quick thunderstorm rolled over Wall Street. As the grey skies broke apart, a rainbow appeared. Is there a pot of gold to be found at the end?

Wall Street Rainbow

Quote of the Day

From today’s Wall Street Journal, “Battling the Parasite in Your Pool,” comes this gem:
No product either durable or disposable is designed to contain bowel movements while under water for a long time,” says Lance Latham, a spokesman for Kimberly-Clark, which makes Huggies Little Swimmers diapers. “Little Swimmers are not intended to contain diarrhea.”

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