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Have a Wonderful Summer Children!

Posted by Joel Friedlander | 2 Comments

In an essay of no more than 500 words discuss two of the following:

a.  Is Barak Obama really a Democrat?  In your essay, discuss foreign affairs, economics, equality of opportunity, progressive taxation, immigration reform, and social equality.

b.  Should the United States continue its support of the State of Israel?  In your essay discuss democracy, the Palestinian Question, the West Bank and Gaza, and any reasons for either continuing support or terminating same.

c.  Will integrating Gays and Lesbians fully into the Military adversely affect small unit cohesion?  In your essay discuss the American experience and the experiences of other countries military in connection with this issue.

d.  Should the term of service of a United States Supreme Court Justice be limited to 15 years?
In your essay discuss intellectual capacity, Altzheimers Disease, Dementia, Originalism, and logic.

e.  Should the United States go to a Parliamentary System as regards “Going to the Country,” when the party in power is unable to get legislation passed?  In your essay, discuss the benefits and liabilities of such a change.

Have a Wonderful Summer, read a lot of fiction, drink moderately, dance, sing, and play.  See you soon!


2 Responses to “Have a Wonderful Summer Children!”

  1. Jason
    June 9th, 2010 @

    I don’t feel much like devoting 500 words to any of these topics, but…

    a) yes
    b) yes, absolutely, but try to get netanyahu to see the bigger picture
    c) yes, briefly perhaps, but ultimately will not cause a huge stir. I defer to “The West Wing” on this. The episode entitled “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet” in which a commission is thrown together to explore the possibility of ending DADT. Admiral Fitzwallace (played by John Amos) says, “The problem with that is that’s what they were saying about me 50 years ago – blacks shouldn’t serve with whites. It would disrupt the unit. You know what? It did disrupt the unit. The unit got over it. The unit changed. I’m an admiral in the U.S. Navy and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… Beat that with a stick.”
    d) No
    e) No

  2. Joel Friedlander
    June 9th, 2010 @

    The problem with Netanyahu is that he is a coalition Prime Minister who has to cater to the right wing religious parties to keep in power. I think that the Center, or the Median, or Israeli voters want to separate from the Palestinians because to do otherwise would mean the end of the Jewish State. Anyone who thinks other wise need only consult the birth statistics of the Arab Israelis and the Palestinians.

    Now, it was my intention in the last question (e) to bring out the problems with the Parliamentary System by using the Israeli government as an example. It is precisely because of that system that the Israelis are unable to move forward on a peace settlement; that and the intransigence of the Gaza Palestinians and Hamas.

    As to supporting Israel in the future, based upon the vituperation present in the comment lines of all the major newspapers, about 1/2 of the American Public wants to abandon Israel to the wolves. I wonder how that will play out in the next election cycle.

    As to Obama, who is a great disappointment to me, that will wait for another response.

    Because of your response based upon a television series that presented a form of American Government I would treasure if it existed you get an A on that part of your response. On the monosyllabic answers a C, overall a C+.

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