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W Magazine does up Lisa Falcone

Posted by Josh Friedlander | 2 Comments

On a snowy day in February, Lisa Maria, whose olive green cargo pants and cardigan are neatly color coordinated with a hefty heart-shaped emerald ring, is nuzzling her pet pig, Wilbur, while a cat purrs in the corner and a veritable flock of tiny dogs yaps away behind a baby gate.

A must read.


2 Responses to “W Magazine does up Lisa Falcone”

  1. Eric
    May 7th, 2010 @

    The best part of the article:

    Last June Falcone raised more than a few well-shaped eyebrows when, at a gala for Friends of the High Line, she commandeered the mic in the midst of founder Joshua David’s speech to announce that she and Philip were making a $10 million donation.

    This woman is fucking crazy.

  2. Edgar
    May 7th, 2010 @

    She’s just a former poor girl who helps poor people by producing vanity film projects and supporting a vanity park project in Tribeca. Her money is really well spent and targeted at the neediest among us. Let us bow before her selflessness.

    Was she holding the pig? Or was the pig holding her?

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